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Such a feminine, soft and pretty gown, just what designer Ayesha Depala does best. The dress is lost in the cover but we are sure, off of it, it would’ve looked great on Sonam.


Left: Sonam Kapoor (With Abhay Deol) On Cineblitz
Right: Ayesha Depala Runway

Photo Credit: Cineblitz, Ayesha Depala, Sonam-Kapoor.net

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  1. they should have made the background color black for this issue. She looks great though, very charming smile, thats the winner for her always.

    • Are you kidding me?! She looked drop-dead-stunning in IHLS. I couldn’t take my eyes off her…..and obviously Imran. :P

      • She looked good no doubt, but I just feel she looks better in magazines. Especially cuz you could make out the cakey foundation at times, and the bleached hair on her forehead.
        PS – I was sitting really close to the screen and everything just gets that much more easier to spot.

        • Everything about IHLS seemed fake…even Sonam with all her natural aura couldn’t save it. Now Aisha…is another story..even natural and real..I think she looked gorgeous there :-)

  2. forget about sonam who cares about her when there is a handsome hunk like abhay deol. love that man and his unique cinema. deols sunny , bobby and abhay are dif macho

    • Totally with you on this! I love Abhay deol and its great to see him on a cover. I kind of wish I was india right now – to see all his interviews/appearances for the movie promotion :)

      • He’s not in India right now…he’s shooting for Zoya’s next in Spain. But they did show a live video of him from there at the launch :)

  3. That’s a beautiful, beautiful gown. And I like that the cover does not have Sonam and Abhay all over each other, groping each other and trying to act all sexy-like. That’s just me I guess.
    Anywho, another fabulous cover from SonamK!

  4. fr d 1st time…sonam looks so beautiful…..
    n i guess dis is d frst outfit dt co operatd wd hr…
    eithr dus she dress awefully or she has no personality…dt makes her luk nthng most of d tymz…
    bt she is lukn so pretty dis tym…
    n d dress is beautifull….

  5. agreed that both r lookin nice n the gown iz feminine , delicate n gorgoeus at the same time . . . but there’z too much photoshoppin in there . . . i mean look at abhay’z handz . . . they look az delicate az that of sonam . . . n why both r lookin so awfully pink . . . i mean either its the lightin or photoshop . . . it’x weird for sure . . .


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