In Anamika Khanna Couture

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Sonam, who won an award for Neerja, attended the awards night of the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne wearing an Anamika Khanna Couture look fresh off the Couture Week runway.

Pairing the separates with a chunky necklace from Amrapali, her look was finished out with a sleek wet do, red lips and Louboutin pumps.

I loved this look at first sight! It was modern, youthful and after seeing her do these mature looks of late, this one felt very refreshing!



Photo Credit: Indian Film Festival Of Melbourne

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  1. Neckpiece ws nt required wid already crowded outfit…Also, I hate dose red tassels on neckline, unnecessary addition! Sonam, thou luks pretty!

  2. She does justice to the outfit even thoughI am biased towards her fresh faced simpler outfits.
    On a sidenote I do wonder if Sonam feels the pressure to keep giving one high fashion look after another. Clearly a lot of effort goes into each look from her make up to her hair and outfits. I think if there was ever an award for the sheer effort and thought that goes into getting dressed it should go to her.

    • She has mentioned in many of her interviews that it takes a village to make her look the way she does. From multiple stylists to make up and hair people, it’s not her effort alone. She is pretty open about recognizing this herself.
      However, I do feel that Rhea and she love creating looks complete with clothes, jewelry, shoes and the whole thingamajig. So they don’t feel the pressure, but actually look forward to doing it. Which is saying something; what with one appearance after another and all mostly good.

  3. Love this. An absolute novel take on the tried sari/gowns. I think Anamika outfits can at times be tricky but she carries it off with panache and ease.

  4. Hand her a red cape and she is all set to fight the bulls at a rodeo. Reminds me of the outfit worn by bullfighters.

    Make-up, for a change, is not caked so makes a refreshing change!

  5. Wow. love this look. especially the neckline and the work on the bottom of the cape is exquisite. How cute does she look in pic 2. But super pointy beige shoes not so much.

  6. Love love LOVE this look!
    Makeup is spot on and the dress is unique ,best part it looks absolutely fantastic on sonam! I like the confidence she carries herself with.. Good to see Sonam in such fresh and smashing outfit.. I think she takes away the award for the best dressed at the Melbourne festival!

  7. She looks so much better than what she has been forcing on herself lately (like a teenager from Hong Kong). I love this look head to toe.

  8. Looks good with her height but it is at least two elements too many. Embellishment on the top, the pants and the jacket together with the choker is much too much!


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