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Two more promotional appearances from Sonam saw her in two desi looks, one an Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla and the other, an Anamika Khanna. Which of the two here do you prefer her more in?

She wore ’em well but my eyes are drawn more towards those Apala By Sumit long earrings (worn with the AJSK look). Need it now!


Sonam Kapoor at PRDP Promotions

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  1. Have seen sonam so many times in these looks. Silver earrings with an array of colours in outfit. Really want some change now -_-

    I clearly like the Anamika Khanna look more. But even with AK, she is somebody who knows that full-sleeved dresses look “smartly pretty” on women and that element is always there in her clothing line for women. Always. (9/10 times). Other than that she will usually have intricate patterns on black or white fabrics. That is what sums up her usual creations. Even though I like the second look here, I seriously can get the ensemble made without paying even half the bomb! No novelty. It is the styling here, not the designer piece per se.

  2. To me These pictures look like those Before/ after weight loss pictures
    The Ajsk jacket is making her look hugggeeeeeeeee
    the effort it took for them to make this jacket has gone in vain

  3. with her prdp promos gearing up .. we also need to gear up for a overdose of sonam on these pages. just like it happened with Athiya Shetty. AJSK outfit doesnt make sense…. its just yards of fabric.

  4. I love the hair and the long earring in AJSK outfit. And the jacket by itself is kind of nice. But mixed with that dress, that jacket, that hair… too much going on and it looks messy. But since the colors are earthy, sort of salvages the look. AK outfit is just a snooze.

  5. Hey p&p,
    I know this is completely unrelated to the post, but I’ve developed a fascination for brooches of late. Could you suggest a few places (I’m based in India) that are not too expensive?

    • Unfortunately, we can’t help. We don’t know of specific places. You can check some online retailers or regular fashion jewellery shops. I find a lot of vintage costume jewellery on ebay.

  6. That AJSK outfit must be a joke, right?
    I mean the stripes remind me of a circus tent to start with – but who in the right mind would make something that makes a tall svelte woman look like she’s 200 pounds?!
    The Anamika Khanna is actually quite elegant and lovely – and I’m usually in the “she is so overhyped” crowd
    But perhaps having it pictured next to the AJSK monstrosity helps

  7. when does PRDP release? I am already bored of her looks. These over-thought over-processed looks are boring. I want to see her in some simple look that she puts together by herself. I read about her team and I was shocked by the size of it- I can never understand why you need a dozen people to dress you. All that and still you end up in the AJSK monstrosity! lol!

    And I agree with another comment – The AJSK looks like the before and AK like after of a weight loss program.

  8. The AJSK outfit actually makes her look pregnant! JESUS CHRIST.

    The AK outfit could be stitched by any darziwala, in fact I have a chunni just like that that I bought on Commercial Street for 2000 rupees.


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