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Ms. Kapoor made an appearance after eons to launch Elle’s Breast Cancer Campaign at Emporio Mall in Delhi and didn’t disappoint. It seems like Sonam kept the hair in front to distract from the deep neckline but she does it so effortlessly, you don’t quite notice. From what I see, I like but we’ll have to wait for full-lengths to pass a final verdict. (But then, she hardly ever goes wrong with footwear, unlike so many others we see day in and day out.)

Thanks ‘evesy’ for the news tip-off.


Left: Salvatore Ferragamo, Fall 2009
Right: Sonam Kapoor at Elle/Swarovski Breast Cancer Campaign Launch Event

Photo Credit: ProKerala

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  1. You know….it’s really quite tedious that this YOUNG girl, dresses like an OLD dear!! Seriously! What is with her???? Her clothes would be far more appropriate on someone like Susan Sarandon! Sonam is so pretty, young and fresh, but SO dowdy in her dress sense!

      • hahaha! Thanks PeachBellini! She truly is a gorgeous girl, and definitely one of the best dressed celebs we have, BUT, i do feel that she dresses way beyond her years. I think if everyone had a quick scan of most of her appearances, and if they were being honest, they would come to the same conclusion. Thanks for the prayers! LOL

    • Dowdy? Girl,you are truly crazy for saying that. She’s always wearing the most-amazing and most appropriate clothes for her age and body type. Stop being jealous and learn to appreciate wonderful stuff.

      • Hahaha! Ii must admit, i was quite surprised when my comment provoked such a strong reaction! And the “jealous comment from Dressy was just beyond amusing, as when i commented, it was purely about her dress sense, and not Sonam herself, who i have clearly said is a gorgeous woman! The thing is, i live in New York, and i had to see what this reaction was all about. i showed this, and other posts about Sonam to various people known and unknown, and well….in NY, i’m afraid, Sonam’s dress sense would be considered dowdy. Sorry girls….

        • new yorkers don’t necessarily have the best sense of dressing.
          in bollywood sonam does stand out especially when you are compared against likes of bipasha, deepika and others and
          when people call her a fashionista it’s because compared to the them she is different.
          maybe if she was a european or hollywood actress she would be just average.

          • I agree Gaga. I dont understand why it matter at ALL if a few New Yorkers found Sonam dowdy?

            I’m sorry but has all of New York suddenly been declared the last word on fashion??

            And why apologize? I dont think it really matter to anyone on here what a couple of New Yorkers thought of her dress sense.

            Forget the jealousy comment, THIS is amusing:
            “sorry girls” Trust me, gronzy, there is NO need to be sorry.

            P.S: Im NOT a staunch Sonam Kapoor fan, I dont think she’s the last word in style, I’m just irked by the comment

            PnP I hope you let this through the moderation *puppy face*

        • guys relax! i think gronzy is kinda correct! sonam is gorgeous and dresses up fabulously! but sometimes she does dress up like a 40 year old woman! she is young and beautiful and she should flaunt that! i mean, the time will come when she will be 40 and she won’t be able to dress up like a 25 year old! so why not flaunt it when u’ve got it! and while there is time of course!

  2. flawless…youth with discretion…you just cant’ go wrong. i am 33 and will take style cues from this li’l thing all the time…she’s no style spring chicken :-)

  3. Oh boy! She luks gorgeous!!! I normally dont like her..but loved her in d pic. especially her hair.. n luks like she has lost a lot of weight! Hmm… Gud goin! n Sonam plz dont start off wid ur ‘ I am born wid a silver spoon in my mouth ‘ (RUBBISH) stuff ever!! Prove it in ur movies..

  4. She simpply rocks man!!!
    I won’t comment on whether she is a fashionista or not.. but she carries off every dress she get’s into superbly and looks awesome everytime!!

  5. Wow…can this girl ever get it wrong? Classy. Love everything…the hair,the make-up,the dress and I’m I’ll love the shoes too.’s impossible not to like something on her.

    • I also like the modesty, very unlike the ‘let’s put it all out there’ girls. Less is more and for this occasion it’s the right thing to do.

  6. I also don’t get why you would wear a dress with a neckline that you’re not comfortable with….also Salvatore Ferragamo was I think a sponsor of the campaign or at least was part of it, so that’s maybe why she’s wearing a Ferragamo outfit…

  7. I LOVE this girl. And I certainly disagree with people who thinks she dresses dowdy. She knows how to wear something very funky, very classy and even something staid. She’s SUCH a classy girl.. and ANYTHING she wears looks like a part of her, instead of a contrived effort to look classy and look like a part of it (which I see in most actresses her age).
    I also love the way her hair is done here! It’s so soft and youthful for an outfit that is a little “older”. I like that contrast.

  8. I don’t understand.. why is it.. neccesary,, for sm ppl .. to jst fluant .. the.. skin all time. Cudos.. to Sonam.. for.. stylin comfertably. :) she looks lovely with her smile on.. :)


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