In Elie Saab

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After attending the Women Of Worth Awards, Sonam also made an appearance at Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s party. Unlike Aishwarya who didn’t change, Sonam found time to switch into an Elie Saab maxi, pairing it with a woven Dolce & Gabbana mini bag.

Normal folks would go from high-fashion to high-street but then this is Ms. Kapoor we are talking about so we shouldn’t have expected anything less. Having said that though, I think the maxi was better reserved for another day and hopefully we’ll get to see it again. She also looked quite overdressed.


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She is looking good…She is a fancy person..Life is too short to not wear what you like..Its a laid out look for a fancy person… I appreciate individuality..Who wants everyone to look or be the same..Its her personality..

  2. I think she is dressed perfectly for the party. Look at Aditi Rao & Aishwarya Rai. They seem to be dressed in nines too. Just because we know Sonam is wearing Ellie Saab, we are calling her out for being overdressed is not fair to her.

  3. I think she looks lovely. Yes its’ an Elie Saab, but a casual one! The fact that she found time to change from the previous dress is understandable. a – She’s an enthusiastic fashionista, and b – the other one would have been an overdressed look for this occasion!

  4. Love this from head to toe, though I might add that, sometimes just looking at her makes me feel tired. So much effort she puts into her outfits!

  5. In my opinion if this maxi was by Zara instead of Elie Saab, this wouldn’t be called overdressed. This is casual enough for a summer night and way relaxed than Aditi and Aishwarya . Going to go with the fashion context and say she looked good.

  6. Looks like she is wearing a shower curtain and yet is overdressed….all that sheer around the bodice and that loud lipstick…so tacky!

  7. She’s much better than the average indian actresses who generally have no clue how to dress. At least she wears the best designers.


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