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The Kapoor sisters celebrated dad Anil’s birthday on Christmas eve with close friends and family. Sonam was seen in a pin-striped dress from 16Arlington, a UK based label. Rhea wore a vintage Versace corset with a Situationist boxy blazer and A.W.A.K.E Mode pants.

As a person who loves anti-fit dresses, I did love Sonam’s but overall, even with the red lip, her makeup felt dull. As for Rhea, I can imagine the joy of wearing a vintage iconic Versace corset but the fit at the cups was way off.

Sonam Kapoor

Rhea Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This at your fathers birthday??? At some other occasion with friends it could be fine..
    love the jewels on sonam but the dress is letting them down, a classic black dress would have been perfect on the styling.

  2. Rhea looks tacky! Really don’t they have mirrors that show them what we are all seeing?
    Sonam’s make up is really bad, taking away from an otherwise nice outfit

  3. Sonam looks good here… She is rumoured to be expecting, so that may be the reason for her anti-fit choices of late. Rhea is tacky + wannabe as always…

  4. So much boob show at your dad’s birthday party? Cringe worthy. If not anything else, a stylist must know what to wear when…that’s a basic. Sonam’s look is real frumpy. Thumbs down for both!

  5. Omg…Rhea Kapoor, get a grip on yourself. This is just so bad…I feel sorry for her, someone who feels the lack of publicity so much that she has to wear such slutty clothes to her DAD’s party.
    On another note, love the power play of Sonam wearing heels towering over the sneaker-loving-hubby. It might not be a first, or that uncommon, but love that she chooses to showcase her height. I know, it has happened to DeepVeer, Anushka-Virat n all…but just saying, I liked the image…Sonam towering over Anand, unfazed by the height diff! Go girl.
    Fashion-wise, time to crown a new fashionista in Bollywood

  6. Feeling sorry for Rhea – she seems to be surrounded by hypocrites, and totally lacking on grace, style and appropriateness. Didn’t Santa gift her a mirror?

  7. The only problem with Rhea is the fitting on the cup it’s like 3size smaller than her boobs size
    I never had the guts to roam around with those cleavage hanging lol

  8. The corset cinches her waist perfectly .. pity about the cups. The pants are too snug around the hips. With a few tweaks this could have been a great outfit.


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