Baby Steps

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After a string of WTHeyys, look who pulls it together!

sonali-via_darj_premiere-1.jpg sonali-via_darj_premiere-2.jpg

Sonali Kulkarni At ‘Via Darjeeling’ Premiere

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  1. Mucho better…Liking how the plain red blouse contrasts with the busy saree…definitely better than her previous appearances…!

  2. i think she doesnt know how to really carry a saree! again look aint working.. and if she trips the saree is deffy coming off!!! OMG!

  3. Ok girls, lots of things wrong with this outfit too, but I get what Priyanka is saying…..much better compared to her previous looks.

  4. I say one small step for the man kind, one hugh step for Sonali. While its an improvement, I still see lot of room for improvement. The print on the saree is litttle busier than I like. Its also not draped properly.

  5. Love Love the Chinese letters in the sari and the Chinese Red on the Blouse. The guy in the black shirt behind her seems totally taken by her ensemble too. Very subtle, low key, just the right makeup and jewellery. An A+ !!!


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