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This week’s CSKK taping saw Ms. Bendre in a Siddartha Tytler cape top paired with Armani pants and Stella McCartney booties.

Given that it’s a TV show where you’re mostly taped waist up, I know folks feel like they have to wear statement earrings but in this case, I think a subtler pair would’ve felt less dominating.


Sonali Bendre in Siddartha Tytler On Cine Stars Ki Khoj Sets

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I’ve been wondering for so long now why Sonali’s hairline looks funny always. I recently happened to see one of her old movies and instant noticed her hairline then. It was much lower then; looks like she waxes or threads or whatever her hairline to keep it higher. But she was so pretty back then, she really doesn’t have to do anything. On the contrary, now it always looks like shes wearing a wig.


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