Casual. And Chic?

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Spotted Sonali working the casual look and carrying once again from the stables of her favorite lil’ label, an exotic Ferragamo Gancio flap bag…

Not quite digging the top; white/pale hued satin just doesn’t photograph well…


Sonali Bendre

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. why oh why is she doing this to herself,, she is pretty, all she has to do is to grow her hair and lose a few tiny pounds, please sonali do it you will turn to a hottie that you were

  2. THE HAIRLINE – is it waxed? It looks like a badly made wig every time I see your post. She used to dress better but is getting frumpy by the day.

  3. i’ve seen sonali look better but she dresses for comfort, not high fashion..she does look lovely when she puts in some effort..not sure if you saw the last episode of indian idol where she was wearing a blue saree and i hadn’t seen her in desi wear in a while but she looked lovely!

  4. I think this hair cut is not suiting her at all. I loved her in the 90s when she had longer hair. She has a lovely face and body but she looks very non glamorous with this hair style.
    Plus the top is kind of lost in the background.

  5. It looks like she empties a whole jar of crisco in her hair before stepping out of the house, gawd always looks so greasy!!! Why can’t she let her hair be, it looks good like that.


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