In Nishka Lulla

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Wearing a Nishka Lulla, Sonal attended the Grazia Young Fashion Awards. Even if I were to ignore the drawstring detail, which I really dislike, I just can’t get past over the bad innerwear.

Not liking it one bit.

P.S. Catch Anushka Manchanda also wear the jumpsuit at the MyFav Awards inside.


Sonal Chauhan at Grazia Young Fashion Awards 2014


Anushka Manchanda at MyFav Awards 2014

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Oh my my !!! this is worst i have seen from sonal….she is usually well dressed but this is a disaster !!! let me forget i have ever seen anything like this

  2. It looks much better on Anushka… but on Sonal it just doesn’t fit!! Look at the bat wings on the outfit! She could use this outfit to skydive, she would glide with ease!

  3. One fails to understand how Nishka Lulla is a designer. Most of her clothes are immature, badly executed and not a bit creative.

  4. What??? Who stole mithun Chakraborty’s outfit from the song ‘I am a disco dancer’??? :))))) Does this even classify as ‘designer’ wear?


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