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Wearing a printed suit from Libas, Sonakshi jetted out of Mumbai on Wednesday evening. Yes, the big patent black tote felt a bit jarring against the floral suit but she probably wanted a roomy tote for the trip. She looked lovely in the suit.

Sonakshi Sinha

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • And the roomy tote could have been in a softer colour like a light grey or a beige/white which anushka carried a couple of posts back.

  1. That suit is beautiful and Sonakshi looks really lovely. Agree about the tote…its hideous. There are plenty of roomy totes to carry stuff that aren’t this cringe worthy.

    • Which just goes on to show that a major part of looking great is how your wear your clothes and not the price point.
      Here, on this blog itself, we almost every day see people wearing designer, expensive stuff but looking comical – so I don’t get the point about this looking like a corner store item from a small town.
      It is simple, neat, with clean lines in a nice summary hue and Sonakshi looks great.
      Every look doesn’t have to be curated.

  2. She looks far far far more beautiful in this look than she does in one of her expensive desinger over make up ott looks. fresh and young! That tote needs to go!

  3. She looks cool and fresh and yes the hair looks amazing, definitely getting a seal of approval from a lot of us, pun definitely intended. I so glad you guys also approve, P n P!

  4. I think kangana changed the airport look game. Now we seeing almost everyone from kareena, sonakshi , anushka in kurtas all of a sudden at airports. Guess the sarees are also coming out soon . Hehe ;)

    • Does the full Libas collection ship to the USA? I checked their website and none of these easy-breezy clothes were on it. It was only very heavy suits and festive wear.
      I also checked out Gulaabo jaipur and Bunaai..but their shipping rates are higher than the price of the clothes! :X Feel bad paying almost 2x the cost of the garment for shipping alone.
      So all you wonderful ppl who shop from overseas, how do you buy Indian wear? Please don’t say IG. Help out a fellow fan!

      • Try Jaypore, The Loom, Kilol. All ship overseas and you can easily find prints like these albeit at a slightly higher price than you would if shipping within India of course.


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