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Sonakshi visited the sets of Super Dancer for Kalank promotions wearing an Anamika Khanna embroidered cape and printed pants with a layered necklace.

I do love the cape and pants and I know the priority seemed to show off the abs but not a fan of that top. It feels too athletic. A silk cami would’ve been better.

Sonakshi Sinha

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  1. I like it but something is off about it that I can’t seem to figure out. I do think that the embroidery on the cape at her shoulders and waist should have been the same as at the section near her legs and perhaps plain or muted on the inside of the cape. It would have made for a better contrast with those printed pants. As it is, there is a busy print on the cape, the printed pants and then also on the inside of the cape which just makes for a mess of printed fabrics at the legs. Maybe I am nitpicking.

  2. this is ALL kinds of terrible. I wish she would get a new stylist. She’s tall and has a fabulous body- There so much potential.

    And I would love to see her in beautiful desi wear, like handloom salwar suits during this promo tour

  3. Priority is to show abs – LOL
    My fashion priority is to hide all abs and anything related to abs :)

    The outfit looks very mismatched. It’s neither boho or chic. Something amiss.

  4. The only way to probably salvage this if showing abs is a priority is maybe palazzo pants or something similar that’s not tight at the thighs.

  5. I don’t mind the ab show considering how many years she has dedicatedly been at it compared to many of her peers , her costar included. But the top is off. Maybe the same print as the cape might have worked?

  6. I love this outfit! The issue here is the styling. It’s as though she doesn’t know whether to be carefree or put together and stylish.

  7. Nononono…the pants are so flared and busy, it kills the outfit.
    A plain, sleeved crop-top (since she has to show her abs given the work she put into it) minus the cape and those pants might work.
    She is tall, in great shape but I never remember a single fashion-worthy moment of hers! She needs to change up something – hair, makeup and ofcourse dress more adventurously.
    Unless styled thoughtfully, printed flowery pants go into the pajama territory real quick !

  8. I know the last time she wore AK we loved it, but that doesn’t mean she can literally wear some random prints and a sports bra and make it work…because it doesn’t.

  9. I want to like this outfit but the more I look at it, the sillier it looks. I know Sonakshi has worked HARD on that body (and looks fabulous) but there are other ways to show her abs.


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