In Black And White

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It was a black-and-white color palette for Ms. Sinha at a recent screening. You like?

Sonakshi Sinha At Anjaana Anjaani Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i think she looks hot! probz if the tee was a couple of inches longer would had been better. But i think she carrys off the wet look leggings weel, and they are quite hard to pull off. luvly!

    • ditto! the foundation is too cakey and totally the wrong colour. It is giving her the greyish look that cheap galli mohalla parlours tend to give their clients. Pity because I think she is gorgeous

  2. the tight shiny pants look good.. !
    but she shud have skipped the belt, a little loose tee and a wrap.. then she wud have looked fab!!
    This kinda looks like, ‘ Hey, I am cool, I am fit, I lost all the weight!! ‘

  3. it’s an ok look. The hair makes it look like she’s wearing Bump-It’s…and kinda making her forehead look bigger than it is. And agreed about the shirt needing to be a couple of inches longer.

  4. i was waiting to see a few more appearances but after seeing her in the past month, i hv to say this…i hate her hair(styles)..why is always so limp & flat ?!

  5. I love the leggings and black and white works well. But she is looking too severe neck up. I think it’s the make up. Too much foundation . Something just isn’t right.

  6. NOOO!

    I mean,she’s pretty and all,but the shiny black pants.Ms.Sinha,it must have been night time,but that sure is TORTUROUR lighting!

  7. i can’t find anything special in this, and whoever was thinking baout natural about, it shines from the layers and layers and layers of makeup


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