Soha: Still Stuck In Character!

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Has the failure of “Khoya Khoya Chand” gotten to Soha? Why is she still stuck with that hair?

That hair with those gowns does nothing to her style. Soha needs to learn some tips from “bhai” Saif’s girlfriend and get an image makeover just like she did!

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  1. Soha’s fashion imperfections are far more appealing to me than the icy perfection her “bhabhi” Kareena seems to flaunt, with every inch of her yoga-toned bod being nipped and tucked and bathed in red paint and heavy makeup……All in a bid to emulate the original barbie doll- Posh “Bones-and-boobs” spice….
    Someone mentioned once on this site that personality does overrule or undermine fashion choices…Can’t help but agree with this maxim…


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