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What on earth was Soha thinking when she chose this outfit? What? The only thing timeless about this outfit was the Chanel Timeless clutch, the rest of it seemed caught up in a bad time warp.


Soha Ali Khan At Couture Week

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Oh my eyes, my eyes! She’s such a pretty girl and seems smart too. Why does she insist on committing fashion harakiri every darned time?!!!

  2. She looks good IMO. I don’t really like the outfit, but I mean compared to some people from the same even she looks far better. =/

    I’m interested in seeing who she was with? I wonder if that’s kunal khemu standing next to her..cause I see a bit of a mis-matched outfit on the guy.

  3. Oh God! Why does she do this time and again! Such a pretty face, but she always tries so hard to look terrible…funny looking clothes, hideous hair (WHY??!!) and odd shoes…very sad :-(

  4. the dress is beautiful, only if she had left the churidar at home. the biggest blunder are the shoes, they are terrible, they look like something a 12 year old would wear.

  5. The fabric of the kurta looks like a cushion cover..

    Is this a salwar kurta chunni or she decided to wear a salwar under a western dress….

    Horrible horrible horrible

  6. Ok compare Natasha Poonawala to Soha Ali Khan and you guys tell me who should really be a wtheyy. Why do some people get applauded while others are constantly berated on this site?

      • she looks way too bad…a dres shud be worn the way it is suppose to be…shes stuck in 70s with that hairstyle…if she wants to cover her legs which is fine then she shud go ahead wid longer dresses or prper kurta n chudidsar…u don go wearin a churidar with a dress…imagine a cocktail dress with churidar…n natasha poonewala n twinkle can be bad which i don think actully but not wthey…n she always did the churudar legging thing in her show which she hosted..

    • Disagree, you can look ridiculous in fashion- as long as you work it (Natasha almost did)
      this is just plain ugly and unflattering (Natasha’s outfit was flattering to her body at least, porportionially)
      wearing velvet pants with a satin under the knee dress is NON

      • a “NON” according to whose rules? Lame.

        The less rules there are in fashion, the more interesting, more diversity, less clones. Had this been a luxury branded outfit, e.g. Lanvin or perhaps Chanel to match the clutch, surely more people would be fawning over the “fierce fashionista”… Or at the very, least it wouldn’t be deemed WTHEY…

        She looks content and comfortable in her skin, there is beauty in that beyond designer labels or clashing fabrics.

        • I completly agree with you (except for the part when you called me lame, and French is never lame my dearest “T”)
          haha, jk- I’m not one to take offense, there’s no point in it
          I’m sure this could be worked by SOMEONE SOMEHOW
          but I don’t think she looks content and comfortable in her skin, and the fact that she doens’t show her legs proves it
          Also, it’s unflattering to her body type- it makes her look short, stumpy and broader than she is. Those are the basic ideas of design- line, proportion, and pretty hard to debate.
          I love you anyway :)

  7. Its not a wthey IMO. This is so much better than the dresses which have huge, ugly rosettes on them, doing the rounds these days! I know the churidar isnt very nice, but she still looks so much better than before

  8. I first saw her pic only waist up and I was like “Oh my..she looks gorgeous!!! why is this post under WTHEYYY….”
    then I saw the pic and I knew.
    I am soo speechless!

  9. this is totally a wthey. the outfit looks like a nightmare. in fact, she should have saved it for halloween. kareena should perform an intervention.

  10. So I see the top and im like..oh thats not an ugly dress.
    and i scroll down and my face has that ‘yuck’ look. UNINTENTIONALLY. good job Soha. good job.


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