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At the Critics Choice Film Awards, Sobhita was photographed in a Dhruv Kapoor dress. A sleek updo, tan belt and classic black pumps rounded out her look. As much as the dress worked on her, the tan belt stuck out like a sore thumb, especially given how the dress was styled! Ms. Dhulipala left us underwhelmed; this appearance was bit of a lost opportunity.

Sobhita Dhulipala At Critics Choice Film Awards 2019

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I am actually loving this look head to toe including the thick belt. It’s kind of a neat way to tone down an over blingy outfit

  2. Love the understated makeup and the ‘expensive’ air about her. She comes across as a sensible woman in a sea of wannabe girls. The dress is passable.

  3. The tan belt is such a complete eyesore. I’m visualising this dress with a sleek black belt and it looks so amazing. Sobhita rocking it even with that hideous belt.

  4. OMG please! She looks ravishing here! The belt hardly brings the look down, she carries it off well IMO. You call this non-thing out and say ‘not much to fault’ for Rasika Duggal in Vaishali S, but give a ‘made the look work for her’ pass to Shilpa Shetty in her over-curated, over-accessoried Aisa Rao lehenga look. Not fair :) c’mon, we need the chutzpah back in your barely-there opinion and writing!


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