Smita, Jyothsna and Rebecca on Elle India: (Un)Covered

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If not the featured clothes, the gorgeous models on the cover should whet your appetite enough to get out and snag the latest Big Fashion Issue of Elle India that has models Smita (in Small Shop by Jason Anshu), Jyothsna (in a Rajesh Pratap Singh jacket) and Rebecca (in Varun Sardana) showcasing the best amongst the Indian fashion industry.


L To R: Smita Lasrado, Jyothsna Chakravarthy and Rebecca Tyagi on Elle India Dec 2009

Photo Credit: ElleNow

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  1. The right most is a “Chindi Rug” , made in India , sold at Walmart for less than $10. I have one at home….

    Also, left most model ka 2.5 gram ka haath agar kisi per pad jaye to … Kuch pata bhi nahin chalega…

    [ Comes from a dialog by macho Sunny Deol referring to his 2.5 Kilo hand….]

    • I am glad that you mentioned that its a chindi rug….but the fact that it has been developed into a dress is what is praise worthy!!!!! What ever happened o creativity!!!!

      • I guess you guys havent got yourself a copy of the magazine- the dress is noway like a chindi rug!! In closeup you can see that its made up of tiny bits of silk ribbon embroidered onto the fabric- noway can that compare with a chindi rug!!

        • Do they(Elle India) have a circulation in US ? BTW- Chindi rugs are actually made with tiny bits of ribbons (which are called Chindi). The ribbons could come from any material (even silk and leather just google) . Normally they do not have a lining but the idea is exactly the same. I was surprised to see chindi rugs being sold at some high end stores in the USA . I had always thought that chindi was something low class but I am not that shocked with that name anymore.

          I think I am getting carried away with this post but I could not stop laughing when I saw that a designer is using the idea from something that I have been using as rug… [If I had that idea before him I would have wrapped a rug around me and would have gotten the front cover , or if I had seen the apple fall before Newton did …..;-) ]

  2. This Elle has amazing stuff/shoots inside as well.Go for it. Sooooo nice to see a cover with models, sans Bollywood heroines, love the outfits as well

  3. Gorgeous women …and okish cloths …that dress on Rebecca looks interesting …somethng like old fabric mat people get made from old cloths ..:)

  4. I dint like any of them.
    And when i looked at the 3rdlast model ,exactly same thing came to my mind.Her dress is made out of 5$ rug in walmart.
    If it was designed my some loww-scale designer,definitely HCC people would have given same comment.

  5. I freaking LOVE Elle India. I love their covers, they even make some actresses look so interesting. :D
    And I love the models, the colours(oooooh, the colours), the Rajesh Pratap Singh jacket, and lastly, how striking these women are.

  6. The girls on the cover are models! NO ONE would like to see a chubby, bad-figured girl on the cover of a magazine…and you know that! And if you don’t, you are just in denial…
    For for the people who are fashion-challenged, it’s best not to comment on clothes/designers, it’s only fair…

    • That’s a little too much, isn’t it?
      No, I am not in denial, it’s just that we have been so conditioned to seeing thinner models that we delude ourselves into thinking that chubbier/not so thin models are not “models”. Why not though? Why can’t a normal, regular sized girl be stunning, and be put on a cover?
      Because of conventional norms? Because of some unwritten rules? Who makes the rules?
      I personally disagree with everything you just said.
      And no, that doesn’t mean that I am anti-skinny, or anti-models. I love these models on the cover, and think they are beautiful. But that doesn’t mean that a girl who is a bigger size cannot be.
      It’s high time we drop the whole body Nazi attitude.
      Sorry for the rant, I just feel strongly about this.

  7. All three girls are the faces on the scene, that you have to between a size 2 and 4 to model anywhere in the world is a given, so about feeding them asli ghee is all rubbish. This is their job.

    The girls are fab. Good for Elle and Nonita not to continously put a film fraternity bimbette on the cover.


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