Doing Blue

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Its no secret that we aren’t big fans of harem pants but we do appreciate when they are worn well. Recently, Simone stepped out in a blue and white look wearing white harem pants with a blue blouse. To complete the look she wore pink sandals. We are just happy she didn’t go with blue footwear, cuz we really didn’t need another edition of Match Much blues. ;)

Tisca on the other hand didn’t quite fare well in her extra wide legged linen ones. Her light colored blue top didn’t quite balance out her overwhelming pants.

P.S. That is an LV Limelight clutch on Simone seen also on Shilpa in a gold version.


Left: Simone Singh at Art Of Taste Brunch
Right: Tisca Chopra at Shiksha Walkathon

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Love that Simone broke it up with the pink, though I sstill feel like there should be height requirements to wear harm pants, IF you must wear them at all.
    I don’t mind Tisca’s look but I wish she had dressed it up a bit more…the top would be better suited if she just wore straight leg, simple linen slacks, and maybe a gold belt or some kind of gold accessory

  2. Neither of them look good in those white pants. And I don’t like the pink shoes with the white pants and blue top. Two Thumbs Down!

  3. I just don’t like harem pants…i don’t like it much on Simone either but I do your point P&P….
    Tisca’s probably qualifies as WTH for me. I mean seriously, do people not look in the mirror when they leave the house?

  4. na…even simone doesn’t do it for me.

    harem pants have become quite the rage here in aus too, and i’ll just say that the uni students who wear them, pull them off REALLY well! these celebrities don’t have anything going for them man!

    such a pity that when an indian style fashion comes out, one can’t wear it. just because you don’t want to look FOB. lol

  5. One more trend I just cannot visualize myself wearing. Maybe if I was a foot taller and weighed 1/2 as much ….
    This outfit looks like it should come with a magic carpet.

  6. These are some freaky harem pants ! Reminds me of Aladdin lol
    The harem pants that are in fashion right now do not look like that and ill repeat again DO NOT LOOK LIKE THAT

  7. Simone wears the harem pants well. In general I like her sense of style–whimsical and fanciful! She also has nice clean and srubbed features. That blue top is the most lovely shade of blue–makes me think of plunge pools, sapphires, etc!

  8. I think Tisca’s look is better. Two things she would have benefited from: 1) High Heels or Pumps and 2) Elasticized cuffs.

    Both would have majorly changed the fall of the pants. Especially the heels… it majorly hurt the fall of the fabric when the pant cuffs hit the floor.

  9. I think Simone is looking very chic & fresh!!
    Love all individual pieces & i feel she did a fab job combining them & creating a fab look!


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