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Shweta Nanda, a die-hard Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla loyalist walked for the designer duo along with Bret Lee during their Couture Week showing. And, both looked goood on the runway. Props to Shweta for not letting the dress wear her; to manage not being swallowed whole by the super ott outfit is quite something.

(More pictures inside.)


Bret Lee And Shweta Nanda For Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla, Delhi Couture Week

That’s a whole lot of flowers to be looking at. I think am a little dizzy!


Shweta Nanda

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. too much of flowers that don’t have the softness of the flowers in the first place…has way too many pointy porcupine-ey thingies that give a eeeky feel to it.. looks like something that Lady Gaga might wear..or maybe its too busy for her style too..!!

    • her closest relatives are the bachchan clan currently holidaying in Rome..i guess that is why she got away wearing this piece of “you know what”…

  2. U have o have a lot of guts having ash for a sis in law and still think u can pull of something so outrageous without comparisions!

  3. I love Abu Jani, and this is Couture, but I was really disappointed by most of the designers. There was no originality, this reminded me of Rohit Bal’s 3d flower outfits from last year.

  4. Really dislike Shweta’s outfit, feel sorry that she actually modelled that…
    As for Brett, I believe his name has a double t at the end, and although he looks good, it’s nothing groundbreaking, so meh

  5. the 1st pic doesnt really prepare one for the monstrosity of the rest of the pics. This is more suited for a drama on Shakuntala than the catwalk ;-) …..eeeek!

  6. The ppl in d background… OMG… looks like they took 1 look at the “show stopper” and collapsed!

    Shweta looks tall and masculine.. considering her photo is next to a professional sportsman,, not a good sign

  7. She looks awful — simply horrendous….
    Being who she is, I’m sure she had the option of saying NO to that outfit so I won’t feel sorry for her

  8. yew…i feel very itchy looking at this outfit…how creepy are those flowers! she’s quite statesque and could have carried off a regular abu-jani with elan! poor thing…

  9. You’re right… She at least didn’t let the dress sallow her! Why would someone as talented as this duo design something like this?


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