A ‘Rip’ple Effect

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We may not like it much (the ripped denims), but we’ll have to admit that Shruti wears her ‘ripped denims’ look way better than Kareena. Love those cutout booties! They work so much better than the YSLs that Kareena had on.


Left: Shruti Hassan at ‘Luck’ Press Meet
Right: Aldo Parrin Pumps


Left: Kareena Kapoor at ‘Kambakht Ishq’ Press Meet
Rght: Shruti Haasan at ‘Luck’ Press Meet

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. If it weren’t for the booties, I think Shruti’s look is a disaster. The tank and the pendant’s too cheap looking but I guess her confidence n her smile gives her the extra credit.

  2. She wore sth fab at the interview with koel. Too bad no full length picture of it. Do u guys have any idea abt this outfit? It looks like a jumpsuit but also harem pants. I guess I canot post the link here right? :)

  3. actually i think shruti looks terrible!!! the jeans stuffed into the booties look awful, her tank doesn’t really fit her, the color of the denims is all wrong for the look. i think kareena does a waaaaay better job with her look and the nude YSL platforms are perfect with her ripped denims.

  4. Shruti’s shoes are freaking a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
    If had to pick a favourite pair of jeans I still adore Kareena’s jeans. I’m not sure exactly how I feel about Shruti’s paint splattered looking jeans.
    In terms of comparing looks Shruti wins. She has taken basic elements (black tank, blue jeans, black shoes) & she has perfected them. Whereas even though I think Kareena looks nice her outfit looks slightly contrived to me.

  5. Yeah, she provides the requisite edge that KK was so sorely lacking in her ripped jeans-avatar.

    P&P, I think her name is spelt “Haasan” (as in Kamal Haasan) not “Hassan”

  6. the whole styling on kareena is off – she’s feminizing, or for lack of a better word, frou-frou-ing the whole look with that floral tee and the beaded-bowed sandals. shruti gets the lpook much better, partly because she’s kept everything edgy and hard.

  7. Oh boy, do those jeans suck!!!
    And for once, I do not agree with you girls. However bad Kareena’s footwear may be… she sure doesn’t look like she got back from a painting job!

  8. Shruti a true rock chic, she pulls it off so well. Being that young helps and she has the right attitude as well.
    Kareena was so ‘neither here nor there’ in that look.

  9. They both look terrible and trying too hard to look like rock chicks. The outfits both suck except for Shruti’s shoes which are wasted on that outfit.

  10. I guess havign the attitue to carry off the looks also works in Shruti’s favour…though i am not too particularly fond of the riped jeans look.

    But I’m loooove with her booties

  11. Shruti hassan is so so very prett, she can just abt pull off anything. Like the outfit, love the shoes. but i dont think i particularly like ripped AND bleached jeans. I dont like Kareena’s acting or her looks but I do liike her outift. I liked that she “frou-froued” it. It’s an outfit not a costume. I’m glad she didnt try to be too edgy and end up looking like a poseur.

  12. I’ve def got my eyes on her.. she knows a bit about edgy chic fashion which other bolly actresses unfortunately know nothing of..

    Kangana is another girl whose style is very iinteresting!! These two girls are probably the future “IT” girls!!


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