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Ms. Kapoor gave us quite the start at a recent Music Awards red carpet. Wearing a Sandro pantsuit with top from Cue, she took a marked departure from the usual sweet-and-girly look she favors. Black pumps, Koesch necklace and an interesting suicide roll-esque updo finished out her look.

Funnily enough, a look that would’ve been edgy on anyone else still looked rather soft on Shraddha. That said, it’s still was a look out of her comfort zone and one which she wore with surprising ease. Props!

Shraddha Kapoor At Global Indian Music Awards (GIMA) 2015-1

Shraddha Kapoor At Global Indian Music Awards 2015

Shraddha Kapoor At Global Indian Music Awards (GIMA) 2015-2

Shraddha Kapoor At Global Indian Music Awards 2015

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I love this girl so much but I’m not liking this look on her. I don’t think suits her esp. the hair. Some can pull it off but on her it looks a bit silly.

  2. Not everyone can do all kinds of looks with equal ease, I guess.
    This doesn’t suit her. The hair looks especially silly. And she’s back to looking all droopy again.

  3. I love this look just not sure I love it on her. I also don’t think she carries off this hairstyle that well. Still I’m happy she tried something different!

  4. Nothing about this look works for me. The fit and fall of the trousers, the colour combination of navy(-ish) blue and black, the hair, the choice of shoes. If she was going for edgy, avoiding this necklace would have been better. Something graphic/ unusual/ oversized might have been nice.

  5. This is what some stylists dont get sometimes.. Styling does not mean going away from an individual’s personality.. It means enhancing it..
    Not sure why shraddha has been made to dress up like Sonam here


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