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Also in Dior, Ms. Kapoor opted for a far more whimsical look.

The whole ballerina-does-a-flapper-dress isn’t the easiest look to pull off. While Shraddha gets props for trying something different, we aren’t quite sure she nailed it. Not feeling it.

Far Left: Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2011
Right: Shraddha Kapoor At The Dior VIII Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Style

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  1. why do get the feeling f this were sophie you’d be raving about this look?
    i think shraddha looks lovely! its an easy look for her to pass off, a bit safe but there’s nothing really wrong with that…

  2. not feeling it because she is Shradda and not Sonam?
    just acksin

    btw Sonam was recently seen at some event wearing a black dress with her inner wear showing, when will HHC cover that?

  3. P&P, I think you guys are a little biased. Shraddha looks lovely in this dress. This look represents her, and she doesn’t look wannabe-ish. The hair and makeup are perfect too. A more edgier pair of shoes would have scored her a 10/10 but she most definitely should get a 9 for this. :)


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