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If a pair of jeans and Chanel tote has been her go-to travel look, Shraddha’s ABCD2 on-promotion looks have been a lot about flared silhouettes. Of the ones she’d sported so far, got a favorite?

Ours would have to be the red Mason By Michelle Mason one. It was simple, sleek and effective.


Shraddha Kapoor at ABCD2 Promotions


Shraddha Kapoor at ABCD2 Promotions

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  1. She looks beautiful in all of them. All the Dresses seem to fit her so well. The shoes are cute and interesting in all the looks as well.

  2. I quite disagree here with P&P, I like her the least in the red dress. I think she looks really pretty in the 1st as well as the 4th look! But I like the 1st one a wee bit more, only because of change in hairstyle. The 4th look has her wearing a beautiful dress, but then as far as face is concerned, she looks like that every other day! That yellow dress is gorgeous btw.

    Kudos to her for wearing different hairstyles in all the 4 looks. Lovely hairstyle in the 3rd look and the dress is equally lovely! Very young & beautiful looks, Shraddha! Congrats on upping your game so nicely. :)

  3. Shraddha Kapoor’s styling always look ultra safe and expected.She lacks spunk,that extra x factor and catchy personality.Plain lucky that’s it.Really damn bored of her super minimal and safe looks.Totally lifeless.


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