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Spotted Shonal Chauhan at the Haal-E-Dil premiere sporting a very “Falguni & Shane Peacock” kinda top but instead of wowing us, it just made us go WTHeyyy more!

Disclaimer: We don’t know yet if this is a Falguni & Shane Peacock top!

shonalhaaledil.JPG shonalhaaledil1.JPG

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  1. Wow, she is making Divya and Deepshikha look better …heehee…I was wrong then! she seriously did not look into the mirror before leaving her house…:P

  2. The top sucks! But, can we please pay a little attention to how beautiful this girl is? Perfect figure, hair, skin, and face….

  3. Considering that last month featured a couple of WTHeyys (I think Mumtaz Ji was one of them) with loud, flashy designs paired with motley colored animal prints, I think this is the new *IN* thing with Fashion designers,


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