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While filming an episode which had Asha Parekh and Waheeda Rahman in attendance, Shilpa in their honor went with a more retro-inspired look in her Picchika sari. With flowers in her hair, Shilpa rounded out the look with jewelry from Roopa Vohra, Anmol and Amrapali.

A non-fussy/pre-stitched/contemporized sari was refreshing to see on her. But that said, having followed Shilpa’s styling on this show, this look on her felt more costume-y than it ought to have. She did look nice though!

Off the sets, would love to see something like on Ms. Shetty… Minus the flowers, with a wispier low knot and maybe with just one necklace instead of two.

Shilpa Shetty At Super Dancer Sets

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Why do they have to ruin a perfect summer floral saree with white sports bra resembling blouses?
    I would love some sleeves for the classic look she’s aiming for!

      • Not denying the fact that sleeveless blouses have been popular for years, but if you compare those with these, I see that the sleeves have been shortened and necklines made more plunged. Not a big fan!

    • So true… the sleeveless trend was yet elegant.. but don’t know when it has shrunk to this. Also the white is too stark, could have tried an ivory or maybe a different material for blouse.

  2. Beautiful saree, very summer appropriate, Over styled as expected.
    On an aside, now that I read Asha Parekh and Waheeda Rahman’s full name, it actually sounds right.

  3. Ugh it looks terrible and costume-y. It’s like she was told in the memo to “dress 60’s”, and ended up in this over- made up parody, roses, polished talons et al.

  4. A simple saree like this does not need multiple heavy diamond necklaces. I dont think Shilpa knows not to over-accessorize! always over the top.

  5. No matter how, i am weary of seeing her on my fave HHC. Why, oh why do we have to endure this?
    That being said, someone is listening carefully to the input to tone down the tackiness. Could she also listen to a sincere request to make rare appearances? Thanks!


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