Face Off: LBD Edition

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Turns out that Shilpa was in Marc By Marc Jacobs and since a lot of you were asking, the pink tank is part of the dress…

Thanks ‘fashionista’ for the ID.


Far Left And Left: Shilpa Shett at Rajasthan Royals Event
Right: Marc By Marc Jacobs Viva Organza dress


Both these ladies wore their lil’ black dresses well but have to say, we do like what seems to be a Dolce and Gabbana the Marc by Marc Jacobs one on Shilpa Shetty marginally more! You?


Left: Bipasha Basu At Filmfare Issue Launch
Right: Shilpa Shetty At A Rajasthan Royals Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. bipashas shoes scarily remind me of ekta kapoors fav pair.

    shilpas dress is good. her black BV is lost in the sea of black. and BV has so mant delicious droolworthy colors. and she picks BLACK!!! with a BLACK outfit?

  2. i like bipasha’s more. save for those ugly shoes. wake up to the wonders of plain black pumps!
    and i just have to say this, bipasha has one hell of a body!

  3. i would have to go with Bips on this one..i like the pop of color with the red belt and that white slip like thing peeking out of shilpa’s dress (i have a feeling it’s a part of the dress) is really distracting and doesn’t look very attractive

  4. P&P, sorry but totally do not agree with u here. what is that ridiculous pink strap (bra or tank?) and those shoes? (cute but not her feet).

    Bips looks great, minus the shoes

  5. I love Shilpa’s dress. It looked great at the event and the pink strap is part of the dress. Love her shoes too!
    What is that horror on Bipasha’s feet???

  6. @ preeths- agree with u… wish she was a carrying a brighter BV.. she looks fine in that dress otherwise!
    Bipasha’s dress is fine but that red belt looks really cheap! like her hair though..

  7. Looks like someone(read shilpa) has trouble putting things together to complete the outfit…. she is buying all the awesome brands but i still wouldnt give credit to her fashion sense.

  8. Meh

    Both girls are wearing their typical dresses… its not even interesting to see them anymore. It seems like Indian celebs have to wear designer outfits for EVERY single event nowadays.

  9. i think bipasha looks great she looks so good in her new movie as well… i think all that gymming is doing her a lot of good am off to the gym now

  10. spider toes alert – the dress looks so so on Shilpa – Bip’s look cool – although such a feminine dress calls for a slightly curvier feminine physique…

  11. They both look great, but I would have to go with Bipasha…love the pop of color from her belt, and her hair looks great.

    I also love Shilpa’s look, but that pink strappy thing attached to the dress looks so unnecessary…the dress would have looked alot better strapless

  12. i’m not too sure about the sandals that shilpa shetty is wearing… she shoulda paired her dress with some gladiator 5′ heels!!!

  13. Neither
    no to bips because black and red combo has got way to boring.
    no to shilpa because of the dress… i would have preferred if it was strapless.

  14. Bipasha always looks like she’s wearing something in too small a size from Forever 21. She has the ability to make anything look cheap.

  15. the pink bra is a part of the dress, D& G makes the same style except that D&G makes them usually in black with a gray or leopard bra so there is not much of a contrast. I do not care for the contrast in Shilpa’s outfit. Neither do I care for Bipashas look.

  16. Bipasha is looking tacky. Very underage girl trying to get into the clubs.
    I have nothing but L-O-V-E for Shilpa’s dress. I want it >_<. Not keen on her shoes & she should have picked a coloured BV.

  17. MARC! <3
    …as biased as I am, I have to say that Bipasha pulls her dress (as tacky as it is) off with more confidence
    Shilpa looks…unsure (and Barbie-ish as usual)
    I wish more BW celebs would wear my beloved Marc Jacobs though!

  18. I am glad I found your blog.
    I am never a fan of what Bipasha wears. She is such a fashion roadkill ! Too much make up, way too much. Bollywood ladies have a long way to go when it comes to make up, its always the same, and always too much. Shilpa, I have to admit , always looks good. However , I am not buying this look . I mean its a freaking Marc Jacobs dress , Marc Jacobs is nothing if not edgy . And look at Shilpa, same old hair, same old make up as if she is wearing Ghagra choli instead of Marc Jacob . Step it up lady , show some edge.


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