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In a Ted Baker dress, Shilpa attended the recent birthday celebrations. Wavy hair, red lips, black sandals and a Chanel clutch completed her look.

I want to like this look, I do… But, the look just doesn’t come together well for me. The hair takes away from the best part about the dress. And the Chanel clutch doesn’t quite fit. On the fence over the strappy sandals too!

If it’s the whole flirty-but-hard look that she wanted to do, should’ve just gone with a slick ponytail, different clutch and peep-toe booties. As it stands, this one’s a Not Quite.

shilpa shetty at sridevi birthday bash in ted baker dress

Left, Centre: Shilpa Shetty At Sridevi’s 50th Birthday Bash
Far Right: Ted Baker Dress

shilpa shetty at sridevi birthday bash in ted baker dress-1

Shilpa Shetty At Sridevi’s 50th Birthday Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Hmm… I know what you mean about “wanting to like the look”. I think the problem is that a 30-something year old woman with a fairly mature face is trying to pull off a school-girl look and it’s just not happening.

    No offence to Ms Shetty – she’s super hot and I would die for her body, but this Catholic school uniform look just doesn’t go with her overall aesthetic.

  2. O M G .. This dress like an eye sore.. with all that harsh lipstick and badly plastered face.. this comes across as a desperate attempt by shilpa ..this dress is not for her ! i can picturise it on alia bhatt instead ..

  3. She looks damn good. That dress is so boring only Shilpa makes it work. I remember some one else wore one of these dresses a month or so back and looked so drab.

  4. This is simply a cute look and the choice of shoes fits the look much better than the ones on the model. I know you guys have his fondness for ponytails and I think she looks great…she wears the look better than the model.

  5. The dress doesn’t go with the hair/makeup, doesn’t go with the clutch/shoes. She should have let the neck detail be the focus and worked around that.
    Love ted baker’s stuff but this is bad styling.

  6. Not a fan of the dress. Dislike these babydoll dresses. But PnP, your obsession with “slick pulled back hair” is getting monotonous now.

  7. It’s a wear to work dress not a party. Shilpa is way to sexy to wear cute dresses. There are so many ways to show off that body…. sigh! I like those shoes as well..just not with that dress.

  8. i personally think she looks stunning! she definitely has the body for this type of dress although it’s more age appropriate for someone like shraddha or alia!

  9. I’m afraid Shilpa lacks the quirkiness required to pull this off, it’s one of those boy-meets-girl kind of outfits. In fact, can’t think of any Btown girl who could pull it off, Kangana perhaps

  10. Its like she started out dressing for a puja and ended up in her son’s school kit. This dress needed someone edgier and not as old-school Bollywood as Shilpa. The hair, lips, chunky watch, shiny clutch, hajaar superstition threads and rings, long nails… where does the “too much!!” end?

  11. I think it’s a cute look had she had a pop of a brighter color like a skinny bright red belt and lips with a colorful clutch or shoes it would have worked better. I also don’t like the idea of her hair iin a sleek ponytail that would make it way too school girl, and her hair is one of her prettiest features.

  12. Big NOoooo. Forget the hideous style it looks like she has take a small girls dress. Plus absolutely hate the clutch with that outfit.


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