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On Monday, Shilpa taped for another episode of Super Dancer wearing a Payal Khandwala lehenga which on the runway was presented without the green jacket. I didn’t mind the addition of the latter but adding the necklace as well made the look feel crowded.




Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. UGGGGGHHHHH, Ms Shetty unsurprisingly manages to routinely do one bad appearance after the other.
    This costume (I refuse to call it an outfit) is an absolute eyesore, honestly my eyes just HURT.

  2. How is this a jacket? Looks like a dupatta to me.
    Also I am glad she’s tied her hair up. That keeps the look from getting to crowded. Outfit already has too much going on.

  3. what’s with fave designers losing their USP? I used to like Payal K for her anti-fit silhouettes and luxurious use of fabric but this could be designed by literally anybody. Ditto with Anavila — LOVED her linen sarees and now she’s coming up with these horrendous metallics.

  4. Gorgeous face,body & hair. The last pic is lovely when you dont see the crowded pieces. She could have skipped on the dupatta adds nothing to the look.

  5. Although I don’t like the outfit but I do understand the addition of necklace and jacket. As a judge sitting behind the desk you can only see top half which in this case was just golden shirt.

  6. I don’t mind the necklace, but don’t like the jacket/dupatta (whatever it is).
    she is looking young now adays, wish I can know the secret.

  7. Dupatta minus that horrible necklace the whole look would’ve been a 10 on 10. But iam glad she opted the ponytail…nevertheless she looks beautiful


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