In Twos

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Shilpa celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi and the Visarjan wearing Masaba on both days. The sari I had no issue with.

But, between the neon-esque color, the stitched sheer dupatta and the dhoti pants of the second look, I wasn’t a fan.


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous in the sari one, wish we had few more pics of it. The other is a bit strange but she still manages to salvage it, credit goes in entirety to her. :D

  2. Oh how gorgeous does she look, I wouldnt ever wear that but she makes it look good somehow..If the pic was one of posing for the camera, I am sure i would have given it a thumbs down. But here she looks nice, i saw one pic with a bunch of kids, eyes shut and big laugh like there was no tomorrow. Too cute!
    The sari pic- just real and gorgeous!
    You cant fake a smile and a real one lights up a pic like no designer ensemble can!

    • +100. I love her for her body (but of course) AND her genuine-hearty smiles in her appearances. In the sea of wannabes who are just into pouts and poses, this always stands out.

  3. As if she didn’t already look like she hasn’t aged at all, she’s even gone back to the same make-up from 90’s.
    I cannot look past that face. <3

  4. Ye gods my eyes. What is that white monstrosity? You gotta admire her chutzpah tho – if someone had asked me to wear that thing, I would be hiding behind a door, not dancing in the street.

    • So you mean to say that Karakattam dancers outfits are bad? That is like calling out cultural-folk dancer outfits of India (like say Kathakali outfits) are all bad.

      • What IK meant was as you probably in your heart really know, Karakattam outfits would look great if Shilpa indeed was one. Instead she just looks idiotic.

  5. You realise,you cannot equate clothing worn during a performance to real life right.kathakali outfits per se is a sight to behold , but Doesn’t mean I would wear something similar to that to a wedding.

  6. The first outfit is bad, the second one more than makes up for it. But I really want to know – what is this woman doing that she has not aged a day. She looks younger day by day. Cannot look past that face and hair.


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