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While returning from Dubai, Shilpa was spotted wearing a ruffle Helene Berman jacket with a grey tank and distressed skinny denims.

Between the silver slipons, her tan Birkin and that scarf, the look just felt all over the place. Agree?

Shop the jacket Here.

Shilpa Shetty at Mumbai Airport

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Agreed. She could have skipped the scarf. Or swapped the silver shoes with some neutral sandals. She does look sweet. Youthful face, fit & fab body.

  2. Hahahaha wat on earth is goin on with her airport looks? One laughable outfit after another. The scarf makes the prim blouse look more matronly..also why the longer inner shirt in poop color?

    • uh…your poop’s grey?!

      On an aside, it’s an over-accessorised look yes, but then what look isn’t when it comes to our dearest SS! Minus the Bvlgari Serpenti, the silver loafers and the scarf, it just wouldn’t scream SHILPA SHETTY!

        • I’d hardly qualify for a SS fan (or one of anybody else, for that matter!). I wouldn’t be caught dead in half the stuff she wears nor would I dare to- it’s a mix of dread and admiration I have for her sartorial style. I do, however, recognize that the woman has a Chamak Chalo brand of dressing and remains true to her style instead of looking like someone who has just blindly worn an outfit that’s been handed over to her by her stylist. Every appearance of hers has her stamp on it and that in itself is to be celebrated!

          Oddjig, I honestly happen to enjoy all the commentary you post so no hard feelings from my end.

          • no hard feelings from my end either! This could be like the blue/grey dress phenomenon. Haha. I Guess I always see the sartorial potential of Shilpa shetty with her fabulous figure and innate grace, but unfortunately she usually goes the dated route. But as u pointed out she does have a specific consistent style and always looks happy in what she wears

  3. My biggest issue is the scarf. Minus it I think it could have worked. Btw is it just me or hhc girls never put her better looks like the recent swasthabharat event she attended?


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