Cover Wars!

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Dia in red or Shilpa in red. Who wears the Shantanu-Nikhil dress better?

You can go here to see several others wearing the same dress in different colors!


Left: Dia Mirza on T3 Magazine
Right: Shilpa and Shamita Shetty on Femina Decemer 2008

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  1. dia looks better. as refined as shilpa shetty looks in all her outfits, there is a certain softness that she lacks. i’d be interested to know what’s in the article on the shetty sisters. care to put it up p&p? :)

  2. btw, i think shamita looks really bad on that cover. the eye makeup, clothes, and hair make her look really rude and grumpy. i think it’s just a bad cover on the whole. i think femina needs to step it up a notch, they’re competing with so many other international magazines, they’ll end up like doordarshan.

  3. dia looks much better..
    why’d they make Shamita look so horrendous? She’s really pretty and they should have done better makeup/hair on her..and definitely a better outfit..

  4. i actually think shilpa looks better in the dress..dia looks like she’s selling a product (which she might be)..but shilpa looks more interesting..and yeah, i agree with peachbellini about the femina covers..they really need to step it up several notches!

  5. dia looks gorgeous

    shilpa is ok-ok…but i agree with the others – why would they do that to shamita? almost like they’re trying to make shilpa look better

  6. that femina cover is funny.. i mean shilpa is oh so feminine and shamita is dressed like a guy!! i think shamita is pretty too..
    having said that.. dias dress shines more and hence i prefer it

  7. I like shilpa in Shantanu and Nikhil better. And for me it definitely makes an interesting cover. It would be great it we get to know what’s the story behind the two sisters on the cover?

  8. Dia wins this one for me.She is so pretty and elegant.The color in question also is deeper in shade compared to what we see on Shilpa.

    OK,now I am probably the only one who thinks that Shamita looks hotter than Shilpa (strictly in this case) on the Femina Cover.Iam tired of watching Shilpa in red.
    Although Shamita is pretty,she can never win over her taller-gorgeous looking elder sister in this category i.e.,evening attires,long dresses.So kudos to the photographer who thought of dressing her like a guy with a straight pony and that fierce look- she might just jump out of that suit anytime and start a kung-fu.
    Loving it.

    OK time for me to exit :)

  9. Dia Looks elegant and much more prettier than shilpa shetty!! my vote goes to Dia!! she has always looked good…she has a great sense of style i must say!!
    i have seen the inside pages of T3 Magazine…Dia looks gorgeous…her dresses are excellent!!
    If someone could post that pictures??


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