Ditto In Dior! Part Deux!

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Malaika wasn’t the only spotted in a Dior already seen before. Shilpa was spotted in the same Dior seen first on Katrina then on Sonam.

While, the gunmetal Dior clutch was perfect for the tan colored gown, the emerald earrings were not. Hey, but we should be glad that the bling factor was toned down. She did look lovely in a color that wouldn’t quite work on many.

Shilpa Shetty at Christian Dior Store Launch

Left: Katrina Kaif on Harper’s Bazaar India, Oct 2010
Right: Sonam Kapoor on Cosmopolitan India, Oct 2010

Photo Credit: IndiaToday

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  1. LOVE! Shilpa does it again. Nails it. The emerald earrings works well with the gown by giving it a bit of color. And wowzee, she beat both these ladies who have been photshopped to perfection. ;)

  2. Shilpa’s come a LONG way from the ’90’s – kudos to her simply for picking an event-appropriate dress and resisting the urge to go the bling route like everyone else! She looks great and is probably one of the few who saved Kalyani from dying of embarrassment. :P She should have gone with the sleeveless version though, and showed of her sexy shoulders.

  3. I love the whole juxtaposition of the dress, the suede coat and those high military boots in the HB shoot with Sonam. Absolutely fabulous. Takes the ensemble to a whole new level.

  4. One question: Do these women actually buy the dresses or do they only borrow them for an evening? You see all thsese different women wearing the same outfits. It’s strange.

  5. boy, look at that giant rock in her finger, i almost skipped a beat , and she did rock the hell out of this gown compared with katrina and sonam , and i don’t believe my eyes at the toned down make up and no blingy eye sores

  6. Sonam does it for me – the red lips & the “pleased as punch” smile. Katrina’s not bad either.. Shilpa – posing with a clutch as if she’s trying to sell it, random jewellery that does not add to her look in any way… yawn!


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