In Jatin Varma

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It was a Jatin Varma gown for Shazahn on the red carpet. You like?


Left: Jatin Varma, LFW Winter Festive 2013
Right: Shazahn Padamsee At Zee Cine Awards 2013

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I don’t kind if falls flat for me. The fit is off in the front but looks good from the back. It might be that she’s a bit too petite for the length of the gown. I am not a big fan if the gown itself …it looks like something a dancer would wear on one of those stage shows in Vegas!

  2. Those swirly things on the dress attract too much of unwanted attention. And she is a bit too short for the dress.
    On the model, the netted part starts from above the knees, whereas on her, it starts below. It just falls too flat.
    Also I like the was the model is wearing it with the shoulders far apart. It looks nicer.

  3. I hate how the boat neck is all curled up on Shazahn and I surely wish she had given the gown some edge rather than the whole “prom” feel

  4. She looks good from the back. But I think she’s too short for the dress. She shouldn’t have changed the neckline. And the pattern on de dress flatters the models figure, but not Shazahn’s.

  5. she always seems like trying to look 16… too hard…
    never ever found her style / attitude impressive…

    pity, with such a pretty face !


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