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As far as trends go, Shazahn is right on the money with her “exposed zipper” dress but as edgy as the dress and the shoes were, the pink clutch that was supposed to be the pop of color wasn’t quite big enough for a statement and made this look fall flat for us. Maybe this time sticking to ‘all-black’ would have been the better option.


Left: Shazahn Padamsee at Triumph Lingerie Show
Right: Mango Zipper Dress

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. this outfit combinations looks good on her..quite chic actually…but not that edgy..she’s young..could have gone more to have that bollywood hair now..

  2. Nah ! I don’t think the pop of color is the problem here. The dress doesn’t look as good on her as on the model. She has a beautiful face though!

  3. Oh gosh!…her body is remarkably similar to Priyanka Chopra’s (big head, broad shoulders and narrow torso)!!…she wears this one well, though.

  4. She looks a lot like Salma Hayek… But looking like too much of a bobble head in these pics…The perfect body type to carry off this dress is skinny torso & skinny limbs like the model in the picture…

    • totally agree with you – about the salma hayek resemblance and also that the dress looks much better on the model than on her coz of the difference in body type.. look at how the zipper on Shazahn’s dress is scrunched up right from the top all the way down…

  5. She’s got this “edgy” look going on with the shoes, braclet, etc. which she should’ve paired it with a different clutch. Her clutch is too girly for the look.


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