On The Ramp: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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The Good: A sari that would’ve looked tacky on anyone else came off looking so elegant on Sharmila who walked the ramp wearing diamond jewellery.

The Bad: Sagarika, also wore a black sari but with gold jewellery and somehow the look just didn’t gel together. The sari felt too modern and the jewellery way too traditional for it.

The Ugly: Neither of the two compared to Sonal Chauhan and words can’t express our horror at seeing her on the ramp. We hope she got paid tons of money to be dressed like that! Shudder!

Sharmila Tagore for Sawansukha Jewellery
Sagarika Ghatge for Manubhai Zaveri

Sonal Chauhan for CVM at India International Jewellery Week

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, IndiaGlitz

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  1. i love how sonal wears a combination of both of them. I love you at at HHC, what an awesome comparison/post!

    Anyways, completely agree; Love sharmila, hate sagarika, detest sonal.

  2. Hi pnp why haven’t u posted about freida pinto’s new photoshoot for Instyle(US) september issue?. She looks absolutely stunning.

  3. Sharmila looks elegant and classy.
    Sagararika looks overloaded with jewelery.

    sonal looks like a horrid mix of lara craft and nagin. They have could have just gotten a black mannequin instead of dressing her like that and it would have been better !

  4. Sharmila’s sari makes her look like she’s the owner of ‘Chandni Bar’ and Sagarika looks like she works at ‘Chandni Bar’ and although i don’t like the whole look on Sonal, i really like her top! i want it!

    • Oh, i’m just realised its not a top but a full bodysuit on Sonal! thats so something Rihanna or M.I.A would wear! The bodysuit on it’s own – without the tacky jewellery, clutch and those trousers!

      • oh that’s right. it is a bodysuit. Its so hot. right the jewellery spoilt the look. where can i get such a bodysuit. but i really like Sharmila’s look also.

  5. for some reason I could never develop a love for diamond jewelery on a sari..

    that is why Sharmila’s look falls flat…

    Gold looks beautiful and striking …. but the others have done an overdose !

  6. sharmila lools elegant. i am actually loving Sonal”s look. the necklace is a bit of an overdoze. minus that she”s a stunner. so fresh.

  7. i think sonal chauhan looks beautiful in the ramp picture. even when she photographs well you people write bad things about her…. she is a pretty face…n very elegant…
    if someone like deepika had worn this outfit m sure u people had better reviews to write…and call it “dressing up differently”
    u write reviews according to success rate i guess.


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