On The Runway

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Here’s your look at the celebs who took to the runway at India International Jewelry Week.

More inside.

Kangna Ranaut For Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewelers

Genelia D’Souza For HVK Jewelers

Karisma Kapoor For Kay Jewelers

Sharmila Tagore For Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewelers

Sonal Chauhan For Kashi Jewelers

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I tried, really really tried to like at least one of the looks presented here. I failed. Kangna is at her tacky best in that hideous outfit, Genelia might need a neck brace at any moment given the size of that thing, Sharmila and Sonal are sporting such tacky, OTT clothes that there’s really no saving them. Karisma offered a vague glimmer of hopes since she was wearing something a little simpler and the jewelry seemed elegant too, and thenl I spotted the lace on the arms and the stuff dangling off of her arms? Cheap Indian fashion needs to die a quick death.

  2. Wow.. sharmila tagore looks the best.. timeless beauty!
    On the other hand, kangna’s velvety blouse looks SO tacky.. (i’m not a fan of velvet blouses anyway :/ )
    Also, i wish the choker bit from genelia’s necklace was absent.. JUST the second necklace wudve looked lovely.. she seems uncomfortable in the first pic.. but looks sweet otherwise (i love pink lol)

  3. Karishma looks stunning and wears her jewels like she was born for it! the dress looks perfect for the occasion

    For the first time, I didnt like Kangana, Genelia looks like Sakshi Talwar’s kid sis (totally soapy) and like a girl gone bonkers on clearance jewellery & decided to wear it all, not a good thing….

    Sharmila looks boring, usually she’s much more stunning on such cat walks

  4. Genelia and Karishma should have skipped the dupatta. They both look better than the rest and let the jewelry do the talking. Rest are meh. That pink on Sharmila looks so bad.

  5. Kangna- looks like last minute decision..dress n jewels do not match at all.!!
    Karishma’s look n jewels are the best..rest of them just loook bad…so very bad!!


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