Sharmila Tagore At Cannes 2009: “Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky” Premiere

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The last day of the 2009 Cannes Film Festival saw Ms. Tagore in a yellow silk sari which she paired with a gold bag and simple jewellery. A perfect note to end the festival on.




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  1. Simply lovely! I love the sari…it looks extremely rich yet still simple and understated – which just goes to show that when it comes to saris you can look regal without going all blingy and OTT like most Bollywood heroines seem to.

    A better fitted blouse would have made this a 10/10 from me.

  2. How do u guys see the necklace well enuff to like it? When I click on the image, it opens in a new browser but at the same resolution as the image on this page. When I save and zoom in, it looses clarity.

  3. i absolutely love the saree and this whole outfit on her..she is such a classic beauty with a classic look..i know what everyone is saying about the blouse but maybe she lost some weight and didn’t get a chance to get the blouse tailored? or else some women feel more comfortable in slightly looser blouses? my mom sometimes does the same thing (and she’s the same age as sharmila) and drives me nuts!

  4. i think sharmilas been great but this is something i see my granma dress like all the time…..i think all thru the fest she could’ve done a lill more, some pieces by the sabyasachis n abu-sandeeps….a lill more glamorous?!its cannes after all…….

  5. Yeah..I am loving it..yawwwn. She looks the same in almost all her appearances. Which is not bad since she looks fab. But almost all sarees she chose are in neutral colours, so most pictures look the same to me.

  6. I think she looks ok, nothing great, she did look great in some of the Saris but not in the last one, as of people commenting about she is a classis beauty i would say that is true, but her choice of Saris is simply boring and plain, you can wear better saris and still be understated.. and all these comments “oh she is so classic, she is this and she is that”.. and about the people commenting here, if tomorrow she wears a rag and comes then still I think 99% of people would keep saying “she is so classy and rich and blah blah” obviously they dont care a bit for what she is wearing..

  7. When Sharmila is back from Cannes she should open a style school and enroll all the middle age bollywood ladies including mrs bachan and then teach them a thing or two about style grace and how to look sexy beautiful classy and yet appropriate at this age like she does

  8. @ siddharth – She IS a classic beauty that could look good in ANYTHING. She’s a beautiful person inside and out who doesn’t need to show off with gaudy saris. Ever consider that maybe this is her style? Simple yet oh-so beautiful!


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