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Shah Rukh and Gauri attended the Mehta-Ambani wedding with the former opting for a white floral embroidered sherwani and the latter, a Falguni and Shane Peacock sari.

His necklace looked a bit out of place. He needed a much longer one. As for Gauri, she looked nice. I was surprised at the choice considering it was more on the low key side when it comes to the Peacock designs. It’s possible she kept it low key because she opted for a more striking color for the sangeet. Except, that I didn’t care for that lehenga one bit. That choli was just horrid.

Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan

Gauri At Sangeet in St. Moritz

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Gauri’s sari is lovely and elegant, Shahrukh’s clothes and shoes are mismatched. It’s as if he stole the necklace from Gauri before leaving because his outfit didn’t look ‘royal’ enough. Gauri’s lehnga for the reception is hideous. Beyond. So I guess they’re even.

  2. This comment is not clothes related but I would like to say that it is getting sad to see Indian celebs in hair colors that clearly don’t suit them.. Aishwarya has taken her lipstick and put it on her hair.. And now Shah Rukh, he has such lustrous black thick hair that would look amazing if it naturally started greying out.. Instead he chooses to borrow his wife’s hair color.. what happened to aging gracefully? Karishma is the only one that I think looks like a normal, beautiful middle aged woman.

    • Shouldn’t be writing this after I got balayage last week but yeah SRK should leave his hair alone. Hate this hair color on him

  3. Well, all the joy of seeing that elegant saree look turned to sheer horror as I scrolled down and thought I saw someone channeling Madhuri’s Khalnayak “Choli ke Peeche” look. What a monstrosity!

  4. The hair color suits neither of them
    As I was thinking that she looks good in saree, bad draping (boob show) destroyed the look.
    Why on earth, would somebody wear that choli? (Yeah, understandable, unless its Gauri, nobody would)

  5. That design reminds me of headlights on a truck! yikes! While the designers were on the tack-train why didnt they just also number em. #1 and #2… horrid!!!!

  6. The red outfit is a monstrosity. Who on earth would wear it?? I really don’t understand fashion, or atleaset our Bollywood fashion.
    Seems like our male celebs have also started borrowing jewelery from their wife’s closets. I like SRK’s sherwani , without the pearls. Gauri’s face has been transforing.


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