Seeing Double

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Jhanvi attended Stefano Ricci’s show in Florence recently, pics of which you’ll find inside, wearing a RS By Rippi Sethi design. The bigger deal here wasn’t Ms. Kapoor but the gown itself that seemed to borrow heavily from a gown from Lebanese designer Nicolas Jebran‘s Fall 2014 collection.

We love ourselves a Ditto but only when it involves celebrities wearing the same design. Not one when designer copies another. Or for that matter upcoming high street labels. :(



Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Replicas are tacky period. There is a number of designers indian and non indian that have original designs at various price points. For celebrities and their progeny they have access to stylists as well so they can basically rent a dress if they want. There is absulutely no excuse to wear a replica.

  2. So unethical n I am just wondering how ‘DESIGNERS’ can do so! Don’t they think of the negative image this whole act of ‘plagiarism’ would create for their brand! They might be selling these copied pieces at less price than the original one. Thats why, they have buyers too!

  3. Well, how embarrassing for Rip-off (er, Rippi) Sethi. At least I hope she’s embarrassed. You can’t call yourself a ‘designer’ if you knock-off someone else’s design.

  4. In Kochi too you can a find a ‘famous’ celebrity designer simply copying Sabyasachi,Anita Dongre etc. She might say ‘Iam inspired by them’

    • I know who you are talking about! And I completely second that. All her designs are cheap knock offs and yet she claims to be a Designer!

  5. If indeed you studied design in depth and practiced and perfected your skills to the t, you would not need to look at any other design work for inspiration, even the thought doesn’t appeal. Because so much of what you want to show the world, what is your point of view, come from within you. Ability x Vision x Skill = That’s what makes you what you are, and separates the good from the bad. Any designer who copies or plagiarises is simply not a designer. They are quacks.

  6. Jhanvi looks stunning. Yeah that seems a rip-off and not just inspired.

    PS: Post pictures from her other outings, this girl is slaying it big time. What a glorious body/face this teen has. <3


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