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Left: Manyata Dutt At Lamhaa Screening
Right: Mini Mathur At Inception Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. What’s with the jumpsuit trend? Everyone and their grandmother seems to have one. I so hate this mindless following of a trend even though it looks ghastly on ANYONE.

  2. This is such an unfair comparison. Manyata is preggo and she rocks the look. You are comparing a pregnant lady with a clearly slim heel-wearing one. Manyata is glowing and she looks cute in her outfit.

    • Totally agree with you… She is actually looking cute! Though im loving Mini’s necklace! The whole tribal thing with jewellery is so in right now

  3. i hope im not being harsh here but heard sanju baba is constantly gifting her diamonds worth millions y not spend a little on her make over too …but as a pregnant woman in a jump suit she is not looking bad

  4. ok maanyata shouldn’t have worn the jumpsuit at all considering she is pregnant. she would have looked lovely in an anarkali dress.

  5. Eeeks Manyata looks terrible! Im pregnant and wudnt wear ‘ill fitting’ stuff to make me look bad…..doesnt mean she needs to wear the quintissential anarkalis or huge flowly dresses..but that darn jumpsuit..makes her look like a clown….


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