See It, Shop It: Aza Edition

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Keeping it easy breezy in Anita Dongre‘s relaxed kurtas were these ladies with Malaika sporting a teal straight line kurta while out and about and Shilpa, in a pink one while travelling out of the city.

They sure looked good.

P.S. You’ll be surprised at how affordable Malaika’s top is.

Malaika Arora While Out And About ( BUY )

Shilpa Shetty At Mumbai Airport ( BUY )

** This is a paid advertisement. High Heel Confidential is not liable for any experience you may have when dealing with the retailer.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. They look lovely. Plus I have a new found respect for Shilpa after she spoke about her infertility and miscarriage experience on a reality show she judges.
    I know it is out of context but when an epitome of fitness like Shilpa Shetty talks about these things it helps hundreds of women going through the struggle a feeling that they are not alone.

  2. I do not understand what you mean by paid endorsement. Are you saying, you were paid to say that they looked good in the kurtas?

    • Yes, it’s a pity. The kurtas wouldn’t sell otherwise :) Unfortunately, when a site begins to endorse the very products it used to critique, one can safely say that opinions are bought.

      • To be fair, the endorsement seems to be from the retailer (Aza) and not the product (Anita Dongre).
        Having said that P&P are unlikely to ever put up a post which goes … ” xx celebrity spotted in designer outfit – it was a WTHeyy but please go shop for it at this website!” :P

  3. Wowza!! This is the first time I have seen Malaika all ‘covered up’ and how! Must say, she is looking really sophisticated here. As for Shilpa, she always looks stunning in kurtas. Love the colour more.

    • Oh please. 10k is reasonable when compared to other designs on these retailers. Its always relative but P&P don’t deserve snark for this.

    • We gareeb janta are here to see designer stuff, which we can’t afford. We all know that most of these designer clothes are way out of our shopping budget for the whole year, still we come here to see. More so, to see what replicas to find in the chandani chownk lanes :D
      As Smitha said, a good click bait!

  4. Wait it’s only $156 …I’m not going to lie, but that is pretty affordable in terms of designer gear. Do I think it’s the prettiest thing ever? Not quite…it’s nice but nothing special. But I’m going to agree that it IS on the cheap side, esp when most things tend to err on the side of $500 and over when you’re talking about a name brand.

  5. Ufff we all know it’s very expensive kurtis but for some rich people $156 is equal to $25 so it’s affordable for them…. do you guys think if the same kurti was selling for $25 they would even touch it?? I highly doubt that…. cause price tag is their status isn’t it?


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