A Three Way ‘Almost’ Ditto

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Update: Turns out that this dress is a Gauri-Nainika from the Fall 2008 collection.


Gauri and Nainika, Fall 2008


Now that we’ve seen this outfit in three different colors, got a favorite color?

P.S. In case you didn’t know, Narmada is Govinda’s daughter and Schauna is the CEO of Parle and is married to Bikram Saluja.


Left: Ishita Arun at Star Screen Awards
Center: Narmada at Hair and Makeup Fashion Week
Right: Schauna Chauhan and Bikram Saluja at Stardust Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I don’t particularly like the dress that much, but Bikram Saluja’s wife carries it off well and the red looks nicer. How the heck do you pronouce her name?!

  2. wow, she sooo does not look like a ceo. good for her though. but coming back to the point at hand, i don’t the dress is even at the level where it can be done justice to.

  3. Agree with KK and Surbhi – the dress looks wierd and messy. As if someone picked the bottom right corner of the dress and tucked it at their waist on the opposite side! LOL. Reminds me of what our bartanwali maid back in India did to her sari. LOL!!
    Childhood memories are sometimes so vivid!

  4. dont like the dress but the red looks better than the other too

    wow…ceo of parle…impressive
    and i think it might be the first time that i’ve seen a businesswoman married to an actor/model
    it’s always the other way around


  5. Schauna looks so lovely, nice to see her out and about, she is a very serious girl, and so grounded. Govinda’s daughter is young and does not seem to have a role model in style, bless her, her Dad is Govinda after all….so has a long way to go. and on ishita the dress looks like a lungi…short one

  6. Well, well, Bikram certainly did good, didn’t he?

    As for the dress, its hideous and unflattering. Can’t imagine why you’d want to poll it.

  7. The length makes all the difference…the hem should start arcing upwards above the knees…all of the off-ramp versions start dowdily below and it just looks clumsy and makes the wearer look “hippy” (large hips…not hashish-ed out). The ramp version is way better!

  8. she was voted the most promising business entreprenuer by some 5 senior business heads in india, including shobna bhartiya, swati piramal etc….well she promises to be a serious one, no i do not know her, known Bikram for years, and he ALSO comes from a very big business family, and represented India for junior wimbledon, so as some one said earlier – he did not get lucky, both did


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