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Not one to do anything by half measures, Ms. Kapoor gave us the whole enchilada while in Chennai. Yup, right down to her (beautiful) pattu sari, malli poo (jasmine flowers) and jhumkis. And while she looked absolutely lovely neck-up, the sari drape however looked like a fight she got into with, and lost.

More pictures here and here.

P.S: See Sonam in a Pankaj and Nidhi suit here and in a Tarun Tahiliani suit (and Eina Ahluwalia earrings) here.

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Sonam Kapoor At A Press Meet In Chennai

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Sonam Kapoor

Photo Credit: Cinejosh

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  1. She sure looks lovely and seems to have bounced back from the disaster which we last saw her in. Love the way her eyes are made up and love the fact that she has kept the jewelry to a minimal and not overdo the BLING this time around.

  2. I loved everything about this look except the drape. The color of the saree is just so pretty but the midriff show just takes away the classic beauty of this pattu/Kanchiveram saree.

    P/S: so cute of you saying malli poo P&P :)

  3. My favourite part was P&P saying pattu saree and malli poo ! Love =)
    I love everything about this look from sonam except the navel showing bit. What got into her.. she usually doesnt get that wrong ?

  4. certain silk sarees are very very heavy and draping it can be super hard . i guess sonam had a hard time taming the heavy saree and had to tie it this way.

  5. If the drape hadn’t been like that of a 5 year old, this look would have been perfection.

    That too she was in Chennai, any lady there could have helped her drape it well.

  6. Saree drape… A fight she lost out… :) I have had such moments myself but its the pleats where I lose… The aanchal drape still sit where I tell it… Seems she lost out major… :)…

    Still have to say… She looks pretty… The color, jasmine flowers et al

  7. Its gaurang shah saree! i always wanted to see sonam wearing kanjeevaram..and its a dream come true to see her wearing a traditional saree! i don’t care abt the drape..she looks stunning!

  8. Half hearted attempt in draping, I am sure she has a stylist travelling with her, why can’t she take help?? neck up good. Tell me why would some one as young as her choose a saree that is 2 decades older??? I there are so many beautiful kanjeevarams, easy to drape available ! :/

  9. Aiyo Rama, what a horroble way to tie a saree. Cannot get past the cheapness factor to appreciate anything else on the look.
    I dont see the mallipoo or the pattu, only the thoppil (belly button) Yikes….

  10. lovely saree …could have skipped that ONE safety pin holding the border back…and then the drape would have fell perfectly :).

  11. This drape looks like the pernia influence as she is so into her naval displays and wears her sarees like this too. Shame, sonam would have looked great otherwise.

  12. Hi I think she looks really nice!
    Sorry for asking, but what is wrong with the drape? (I am Chinese and I love Indian fashions, but just not too sure about the intricacies of it. Should the pleats at the skirt area be smaller? Cos it sure looks neat to my untrained eye. Or is it the Pallu area? That looks neat to me too. Hope someone can enlighten me!)

    • May, it is because the navel should not have been left uncovered. Typically in a well draped saree, none or a tiny wedge of the left side of the waist is visible. The part that drapes around her hips, going on to the chest & becomes the pallu, should have fallen a bit lower to cover the navel. That’s why the uproar :)

      • Oh, I see!
        Thank you guys for the clarification.

        I didn’t know that the navel had to be covered. This is because I think that in some dance sequences etc, like in ra.One, Kareena kapoor in that red saree had her navel exposed. And this isn’t the first time I think i see heroines having navels exposed.

        I thought it was ok or even meant to be sexy! :)

    • The pleats should be even. You can see the uppermost one has less fabric than the inner pleats. It’s not a fashion crime but it does make the drape less tidy.


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