Almost Ditto

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Spotted Sarah and Ira in similar ruffled dresses at their respective events… Whose look do you prefer? Our pick would have to be Ira…

Left: Sarah Jane Dias At Burberry Bash Hosted By Christopher Bailey
Right: Ira Dubey At Olay Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I actually like Sarah Jane better. The scarlet lips are good against the pastel dress. Also hose is a good choice with such a short length!!

    Ira looks good but am tired of seeing her strike that same pose with a cocked up brow, yet again!

  2. Sarah looks like she’s stuck in a little girl’s dress. Even though she has the body frame for it the dress just doesn’t gel with her face.

  3. Sarah looks lovely! And I agree with Anu – hose is a good choice with such a short length! Keep in mind the event she’s at – she’s dressed perfectly for it. I love that she kept it simple in terms of accessories and let the outfit and make up (red lips were a perfect choice) speak for itself. Ira just looks washed out.

  4. I like Sarah …those black stockings give a nice contrast to the pale dress, as do the red lips and c’mon Ira’s hair looks quite messy…

    • i have the exact same dress, but in gray and in a longer length (ok, so thats NOT the exact same dress, then, is it? sigh). i saw the shorter one and thought it was a top!

  5. Ira ALWAYS has that “something stuck up her nose” pose on.

    Even when wearing a saree I always end up imagining her with her feet wide apart with one leg slightly bent to give off that attitude look!!Oh forgot the arm its always bent at 45 to the body.


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