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At promotions for Kedarnath, Sara was seen wearing pastel colored angarkha kurta and dhoti pants from Varun and Nidhika. Love the color on her but am on fence about the separates. Without a dupatta, the style feels incomplete and a bit too dance costumey to me.

Sara Ali Khan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks pretty nice. The separates though a little costume feels fresh and not done to death. This girl though needs to change her posturing a bit…same sideway glance and head tilt in almost all pictures LOL.

    • Now this is nitpicking. We all have our gestures and ways we walk or stand. Why are people so bothered. Imagine someone telling us , don’t stand that way , your lips are a cm apart or your hands should be this way or that . Really ? Same comments on every post of hers . She’s very pleasant and pretty and new …. just let her be .

      • I think its because although she is a newcomer she is a starkid with a whole team of hairstylists , makeup artists and whatnot. I guess we would be more forgiving if she was an actual newcomer with no connections to the industry.

  2. The kurta needed to be 6 inches longer or the dhoti pants should have been replaced by a skirt.
    Her weird posing is bothering me! The neck tilt and half open mouth make her look silly.
    Also the last time I commented on her posing my comment wasn’t published by p&p, am still wondering why.

  3. Someone needs to teach her how to pose . She is doing a weird grimace in the second pic with her soon-to-be trademarked awkward head tilt.

  4. who cares about the poses, she’ll be out of it in a minute! its just her way of doing things can’t we let it be? everyone would start looking/acting the same way if we tell everyone the proper way to smile, pose, tilt… still better than the hands on the waist pose everyone is taught to do.
    I really don’t think this peplum style shprt top is working with those pants, it just looks odd to me and the colour and work is very blah too


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