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At the Lokmat Awards, Sara was seen in a by Manish Malhotra. I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t quite believe that this lehenga was by Manish because even I was taken aback at the relative simplicity of it. Having said that, while Sara looked nice, a pair of earrings would’ve made for a nice addition.

What say you?

Sara Ali Khan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. she always this ‘I-have-a-fab-bod-fab-clothes-fab-makeup-fab-hairdo-but-i-dont-know-how-to-smile-or-pose’/’I-am-stuck-up-in-my-clothes-and-I-do-not-know-how-to-get-of-it’ look. Maybe like PnP(setting the bar low for Katrina), we should set the bar low for Sara also, and stop looking at her expressions/how comfortable she is. Everything is good about the look except for her comfort level.

    • She’s seemingly uncomfortable.. we don’t realise young actors below 25 are exposed in sad ways while we go all out and expect. Even star kids feel it..

  2. You should watch the video of this picture getting clicked. She’s smiling and talking to the media and suddenly boom she has this bambi in the woods expression as soon as the camera flashes go on. It’s hilarious.

  3. It’s funny how all we crave for is “simple”. Simple does not mean beautiful in case. It is a respite but looks dates and cheap to me. Even streetwear you can buy in any Indian market looks way ahead of this simple designer wear. Problem is not simplicity problem is lack of vision, newness, intricacy, out of the box, forward thinking…

    • I totally agree and I think there is a bigger problem with Indian celebrity fashion and style the last 5 or so years. There is too much social media “goals” too much posing, too many random events. Every movie has 20 or 40 promotion events, there are atleast 100 award shows now. Weddings are spread over 10 events.

      Everyone is expected to look “hot and new” at every event. EVERYONE wants to wear a “designer” NOBODY wants to wear a normal garment off the shelf like a “saree” or a “salwar suit”. Everything has to be over hyped, over “designed” “creations”
      They all end up looking costumey item number ghaghra cholis. I go look at these designer websites occasionally, they sell their “creations” for 10s of thousands or lakhs of rupees. Who in India in their right mind can even afford them?

      There is nothing new or creative about any of them. If it werent for free I bet these celebrities wont even look at em

      • Lot of Indians are quite rich and spend where ever they want. That is the reason fashion is become million dollar insustry here. Not to forget nobody in western countries too wear desingner clothes on day today basis neither can they too afford it. The problem is not price, the problem is lack of creativity and personal taste in dressing up. Everything from a bair cut to nail paint has to be designer and thus people tend to look customised dressed up dollls rather than humans with some personal style.

        • Yes, a 100 times this. And this is precisely the nepotism debate: people who’re elevated far above what they’ve rightfully earned and receive way more opportunities than they deserve (not dissing Sara specifically; this applies to the whole lot) are always going to end up being uninspiring and cookie-cutter and risk-averse.

          This is precisely why there’s a sharp, obvious difference between people like Kangana and Anushka and Ranveer (and Deepika a long long time ago) on the one hand, vs third-generation industry children (eg Ranbir or Shraddha) who’ve been handed clothes and jewelry and roles and been ushered in front of a camera. They’ve never had to figure out stuff for themselves and it shows in their fashion just as much as it does in their movies.

  4. You didnt like the faraz manan but you liked this ? The top looks painfully tight on her and its quite an ugly lehngha that i am struggling to see any redeeming qualities in.

  5. Are lehengas now supposed to be accessorised with the dupatta or does it have a role as much a top and ghagra.. looks soo odd with the dupatta bordered completely from right to left hand

  6. I sometimes wonder why the need to wear designer for every single event? Why not switch it up with cheaper and more accessible pieces from Globaldesi or Lifestyle? If the end goal of their image , is being a fashion icon, Shouldn’t they be then reaching out for pieces that will be more affordable by the youth/working class of today ?


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