From Fab To Drab

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Its always suprising to me when someone does a complete 180 in a matter of days. Case and point, Sandhya Mridul, who looked so good in the outfit worn at the Shanghai Film Festival and then a few days later was seen in this “chamku” black number!

Sandhya, June 25, “Ada” Music Launch
Sandhya, June 22, 11th Shanghai Film Festival


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  1. fist of all, I LOVE this lady
    scond of all the first one is gorgeous! perfect even, even though the hair could be better
    LOVE that neckline on her
    …the other dress is TACKY!

  2. I like the second too, especially the batua/purse. But I wish there was less work on the dupatta and lighter jewelry. I feel she still works it. The silver themed one is more pleasing to western sensibilities IMHO.

  3. I think she looks good in both. But I wish that the silver one wasn’t a churidar. I think churidars only look good with longer kurtis.

  4. I defn. love the black and white number. I’m partial to sequins..:)) Only wish she had worn a strappy high heels with that outfit…

  5. nope- its deffy not a 180 degree turn.. the shanghai outfit is more loud with pleasing colours.. the second one just happens to be black and white.. i quite like it actually..

  6. i too like her black and silver churidar-kameez…
    But the punjabi in me…. LOOOOOOOOOOVES her shanghai outfit…. it is SO pretty! and that batua is to kill for.
    Could lose the necklace though… there’s plenty happening anyway…

  7. I have to say. I like the black one as well. BTW, Can some one tell me who she is? Is she a tele actress? Thanks in advance.

  8. What are u saying babes??? The Chamku black one is infact anytime better than the other one.. When i first saw the two pics, i was so sure that the drab one is the latter and now that i read it, i was like WHAT???

  9. can someone tell me why she used to cover herself up(saying shes not comfortable to wear this post performance) after performing for that dance show she was in, when in interviews I have seen her wearing much revealing clothes..

    I like her but this thing is bothering me..

  10. Juhi,
    No clue about the bag…It is gorgeous though…

    She is a tele actress but started acting in movies too(very few… “Page 3” being one of em)…

    Haven’t heard about the covering up no idea…

  11. Love this lady, I actually like the shanghai outfit better maybe coz of the cute batwa.
    @simran : maybe coz performance clothes are hideous
    @jigisha : she has acted in numerous tv shows and movies like saathiya , page 3 , honeymoon travels , waisa bhi hota hai

  12. payal, you put the pictures in the reverse order(the shanghai one should be in the left) to the sequence you wrote your review in. As a result lot of us readers were getting confused abt which one you are calling chamku. But now it doesn’t matter I think as so many has already commented :).

  13. spee & payal: i do not see how it was a case of misplaced pictures…when the description clearly says that she looked good in “shanghai film festival” and then called the black number “chamku”


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