Sari Style

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Each of these ladies wore mono-chromatic saris with minimal embellishment but it was Samantha’s pink number that had our attention with Ileana’s purple following a close second.

Who do you like best?

Samantha, Ileana and Priya Mani at TSR-TV9 Awards 2011

Photo Credit: Idlebrain

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  1. How wonderful does Samantha look…

    The other two aren’t bad either, but Samantha’s simple and elegant saree shows that you don’t need too much bling to shine on the red carpet.

  2. totally hating the purple and the green sari but really loving the simple bright pink sari… oozing elegance by the way she carries it

  3. I think PnP meant to say “relatively” minimal. I agree I’m not a fan of the embellishments or the gaudy color.
    As for Samantha’s saree, love the saree and the way she’s worn it, but I wish she’d worn an interesting blouse – say a sequinned sleeveless blouse?


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