Celeb Spotting at Van Heusen India Men’s Week

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The first ever fashion week dedicated to menswear recently concluded in Delhi this past Sunday with Salman Khan walking for both Cue by Rahul Khanna and Rohit Gandhi and Ashish Soni. The designers’ created special creations with the ‘Being Human’ trademark logo on both the suits and if you are wondering where it was on the Cue suit, look inside.

P.S. The man sure looks good in a suit! I think I got an instant ‘Prem’ from ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’ flashback!
P.P.S. Also catch who else walked the runway inside.



Left: For Ashish Soni at Van Heusen India Men’s Week
Right: For Cue By Rahul Khanna and Rohit Gandhi at Van Heusen India Men’s Week



Dino Morea and Aftab Shivdasani for Samant Chauhan


Dino Morea for Narendra Kumar Ahmed

Photo Credit: Indiatimes, DayLife

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  1. OMIGOSH he doesn’t look THAT bad after all! Why does he dress like a homeless person all the time if he CAN actually look half-decent.
    But still, my Salman-is-attractive era ended circa 1989 (you know, before I was born), and even then it was mostly the pidgeon.

  2. Please please please point me to someone…anyone… other than Salman Khan himself, who would break open the wallet for a suit with that phrase emblazoned across the back, or on the neon collar… eeeew. Why couldn’t they just have added it on as a cravat detail, or a handkerchief?

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE all the suits!
    In this order lol:
    1-Salman for Cue- amazing detail, the suit def wins having an edge to it!
    2-Salman for Ashish Soni – love the placement of ‘being human’ on that one
    3-Dino for Narendra-white and black done right!
    4-Aftab for Samant… I really don’t like earthy neutrals against our skin. It just makes us even more boring, so if he ever did wear the jacket w/ the pants… it would be a fail.

  4. SalmanK used to be a hot favorite for me without his beefed up body. He looks way too short after he build those buldging muscles (though he seems to be of the avg indian height) and ‘ve lost his *actual* charm. Sigh.

    Dino is just yummy!

  5. Salman’s impression in the first one is so funny! It’s as though he’s ready to bust out a dialogue…”Tumne yahaan anay ki HIMAAT kayse ki???”

    I actually like him in the second pic, but the ‘being human’ ruins the suit as does the layering effect.

    Dino looks yummy in the last pic!

  6. how can a man sooooo sophisticated nd devotedly wear a being human suit , be accused of bashin a woman???crap….i officially dnt blv tht story anymore…..


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