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At the premiere of his biopic, Dhoni sported Shantanu and Nikhil bandhgala suit with wife Sakshi wearing a one-shouldered Nikhil Thampi dress.

The same suit, on say Ranveer, and I’d buy it but the cricketer just wasn’t selling it to me. The look felt more costumey than effortless. This was a case where the Mrs. trumped the Mr.



Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Though Ranveer should get the credit to carry quirky fashion with ease I don’t like the general tone of comments on this site when it comes to such outfits.. always discouraging guys who experiment..
    Ranveer doesn’t own the copyrightsame to quirky fashion!
    Let people have fun!

  2. She looks nice, but her make up is too oily. I don’t like what he is wearing. It looks like a military uniform – but cant deny that it is well fitted.

  3. first I don’t like the hair cut and beard, does not suit him at all.
    the color of the suit is not good, looks more security guard or an army dress.
    he looks way nicer on the field with the cricket uniform.
    Mrs.Dhoni should have worn something more colorful, both of their attires are too dark and boring.

  4. He needs different clothes, haircut and also some facial grooming. Terrible it is. Somehow he never looks put together in any of the events. Like someone above mentioned, he looks good in the pitch but thats got more to do with his talent.


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